Helping Suffolk County NY Transition Its Aged Septic Systems

Adelante embarked in 2003 on designing a residential‐scale septic system that would discharge an effluent stream clean enough to be beneficially re‐used for landscape irrigation, because we believed the day would come when everyone in the arid Southwest would want to use every drop of fresh water twice. At the time, the average homeowner used as much fresh water outdoors as indoors in the course of a year. Our back‐of‐the‐envelope calculations suggested that if all of New Mexico’s 250,000 septic systems could be replaced by a better system that enabled homeowners to use this treated wastewater for their outdoor uses, the State could save an amount of fresh water every year equivalent to what the entire City of Albuquerque uses from January through September.

in March of 2016, Suffolk County, New York issued a Request for Expression of Interest (RFEI) seeking applications from manufacturers of systems like Pugo to demonstrate their technologies at up to four homes, under local conditions.

Coastal pollution from excessive nitrogen due to wastewater disposal on Long Island is contributing toward toxic algal blooms, oxygen-deprived waters, the loss of sea grass and wetlands, and the depletion of shellfish populations and fish kills. In an effort to address Suffolk County’s nitrogen pollution crisis, the county introduced the Reclaim Our Water initiative, a comprehensive plan to improve the region’s water quality by reducing nitrogen pollution through the implementation of advanced on-site wastewater treatment systems in targeted areas.

The units are currently being field‐tested and we anticipate successful completion early in the first quarter of 2018.


A mechanical engineer by training, Jennifer Pope serves as the Chief Operations Officer for the Company. Jennifer was literally in the trenches during Pugo’s development phase, and serves as Adelante’s point-of-contact for Pugo during the Suffolk County Phase II Demonstration Program. For more information on Pugo Systems, contact Jennifer:



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