A Changing Climate



Adelante Consulting is accredited under the Air Resources Board (ARB) of the State of California to verify inventories submitted under the Mandatory Reporting Rule (H-15-197), and for Offset Project Data Reports(H2-16-020).

Consulting Services

We offer GHG assessment, inventory preparation, reduction plans, carbon offset assessments and carbon offset project development consulting services.

Sustainability Assessments

We undertake a variety of assessments for social, environment, health, safety and management systems.

  • CARB Inventory verification (MRR)
  • CARB Cap and Trade Offset project verification
  • Sustainability assessments including social, environment, health, safety and management
  • GHG initial assessments
  • GHG inventory preparation
  • GHG reduction assessments/plans
  • Carbon offset project assessments
  • Carbon offset project development

Adelante staff have been involved in climate change activities for over 15 years—working with governments, regulators, businesses, offset project developers, public entities, and not-for-profit organizations to help strategically manage the risks and opportunities associated with greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and climate change.  Our knowledge, experience, and extensive resources have enabled us to adapt quickly within the fields of GHG emissions and reductions (offsets), GHG inventories and GHG validation and verification, both nationally and internationally.

Adelante has four accredited lead verifiers: accredited by the Air Resources Board (ARB) since 2015. The company ensures staff maintain relevant professional training for ARB credentials including periodic training on all aspects of the assessments and verifications, ARB re-accreditation and other professional certificates, e.g. Qualified Environmental Professional.

Virginia Smith

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