Regulatory and Technical Support to Environmental Programs

Regulatory and Technical Support for the Environmental Programs Directorate

  • Consent Order Compliance and Technical Strategy
  • Assure deliverables meet requirements of Consent Order.
  • Develop compliance strategies for emerging issues.
  • Develop strategies for integrating Consent Order requirements with other permits (e.g., RCRA permit, NPDES storm water permit).
  • Assist with negotiations and interactions with NMED and stakeholders.
  • Potential Release Sites Information Requests/Database Management
  • Maintain database and administrative record for over 2100 SWMUs and AOCs.
  • Support information requests to support Consent Order deliverables, permit compliance, and litigation.
  • Maintain database that tracks status of Consent Order deliverables (approximately 300 deliverables per year).
  • Prepare weekly and monthly outlook and status reports for LANL management and DOE.
  • Software Application Development & Documentation
  • Develop and maintain software for environmental databases.
  • Maintain electronic records library with over 100,000 documents.
  • Facility Integration
  • Review hundreds of new facility projects each year to identify potential impacts to SWMUs and AOCs.