Regulatory Strategy


Storm Water Management

Managing storm water discharge from remote and challenging terrain is a specialty for our staff of certified professionals. We provide straight-forward solutions to seemingly impossible problems.

Regulatory Compliance

We develop strategies that achieve regulatory closure in the most cost-effective manner using clearly defined objectives, risk-based decision-making based on sound science, and clear communication of project results.

Information Management

We’ve tracked the status of thousands of samples and provided dozens of data sets to support preparation of reports and other regulatory deliverables.

  • Order of Consent, NPDES permits and individual permits
  • Storm water inspections, electronic tracking, and reporting
  • Erosion evaluation, prediction, and reporting
  • Compliance strategies for emerging issues
  • Creation of expedited paths to achieve regulatory closure
  • Baseline/background study designs
  • Sampling and analysis planning and strategy development
  • Preparation of all Compliance Status Reports

Adelante has provided continuous programmatic support to Los Alamos National Laboratory’s (LANL) legacy cleanup program for more than 20 years, ranging from providing regulatory strategy support related to the Consent Order, to developing and maintaining information management tools such as the Potential Release Site (PRS) database and deliverables tracking database.

Since 2005, Adelante has provided complete Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) compliance reporting as required under LANL’s Federal Facilities Compliance Agreement (FFCA) with EPA Region VI, and more recently, the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) individual storm water discharge permit (IP). Adelante provides data management and technical support related to meeting ongoing requirements to monitor and perform compliance reporting for 406 Solid Waste Management Units and Areas of Concern listed in the IP, as well designing and constructing storm water controls.

Joe English

If you would like more information about our regulatory compliance work, please contact:

Joe English
Vice President