The Potential of Pecan Shells

Investigating How Pecan Shells and Orchard Prunings Can Be Converted Into Saleable Products

Pecan orchards produce pounds and pounds of shells and the trees are pruned every two to three years, resulting in tons of branch/wood. This biomass could be used as a biofuel for a small power plant or as mulch or compost.

Adelante is working with a pecan farm to evaluate revenue generating options for the pecan farm operations, including the orchards and the pecan processing facilities and is proposing to complete an initial feasibility evaluation to determine the applicability of the methodologies and the potential emissions reductions and offsets that could be generated.


The company will evaluate the farm’s environmental footprint, developing an inventory for the pecan orchard facilities and a preliminary carbon sequestration study of the pecan groves over the history of the farms.

Barbara Toole O’Neil leads Adelante’s climate services practice. She is a qualified ANSI Assessor for ISO 14064/65, an accredited methodology assessor for VCS, an accredited Lead Verifier for ACR and VCS, and Lead Verifier for ARB under the mandatory reporting rule (H-15-144) and the Cap-and-Trade program. Contact Barbara for more information:


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