Pugo Systems

Pugo was developed by Adelante as a solution to two environmental challenges:

  • Limited freshwater resources and growing population in western US
  • Degradation of ground water quality from septic systems

The Pugo System is an environmentally safe alternative to traditional residential septic systems. Pugo is a self-contained unit that is both compact and lightweight. With a Pugo septic system, you can recycle and reclaim 100% of your household wastewater. And since Pugo’s drainfield is up to 20-30% smaller than a typical septic leach field, it is also an ideal septic solution for waterfront homes.

Pugo System features:


  • Non-chemical water treatment system
  • Purifies water for safe and clean re-use
  • Prevents ground and well-water pollution
  • Conserves water and the environment
  • Perfect for river or lakeside homes
  • Ideal for locations with restricted lot sizes
  • Easy to install and maintain